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Architecture/Music/Sports, usually in that order.
Occasional dogs.

Oh heyyy #fittay
Who is that walking on my bridge? @lrs1702
Oh hello.
Graduate show time at #UWEarch
7 years of education all condensed onto this table. Architecture MArch done.

For the first time in a long time I have genuinely nothing to do with myself. Only finished my Masters in Architecture haven’t I!

Experimenting with embodied carbon levels.
Architecture graffiti

Heeeeeere’s Jonny!

Abedian School of Architecture, CRAB Studio.
I am a massive Peter Cook fan.
One for the bucket list; this time next year.
Sónar 2015. Just have to.

Is there any way of making costings vaguely interesting?

Because I’ve not found it!



// rocky wednesday //